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A+ OEM Cross-Drilled Technology
Super Performance Brake Parts

                           HOW TO ORDER                       

Please email us at sales@tutuauto.com with the following information below to make the order:

1. Name

2. Shipping address
(Number, Street, Province, State, Postal Code)

3. Phone number

4. Car information
(Year, make, model, engine size, cylinders, 2WD, ABS, wheel size? other useful info)

5. What COLOR you like on the rotors?

6. What do you need? 
(Front or Rear, Rotors or Pads, which brand?)

7. How do you want to pay?
(Paypal, Credit Card, Money Order, Debit Card, eCheck, Personal Check, CASH)

A confirm email will be sent to you AFTER we receive your email.